About Us

The Beginnings of Son of Egg


Amidst the tumult of 2020, when the world came to a standstill, a culinary dream was born—a dream that blended nostalgia with novelty, the comfort of home with the excitement of diversity. This dream gave birth to Son of Egg, a Korean American restaurant conceptualized and brought to life by Chef Min.


The roots of Son of Egg were planted in the Capital Region, where Chef Min, catering for her local church, provided meals to college students who were far away from home. As she prepared meals for these students to enjoy during church gatherings, she wished her own children—who were away at college—could also savor good food. This inspired her to create a place where she could serve the community the same nourishing meals she would feed her own children.


With the help of her two sons, Son of Egg was created by blending Korean flavors with the American palate. Having immigrated from Korea in 1999, their food naturally represents the fusion of Korean and American influences.


On April 21, 2020, Son of Egg opened its doors at the height of lockdowns, uncertain of what the future held. Yet, the community embraced Son of Egg with open arms and celebrated its arrival! Even when we faced the challenges posed by the pandemic, transitioning mostly to takeout, our loyal patrons kept coming back, hungry for more of our unique offerings. This marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship with our community—a relationship that continues to thrive to this day.


From the very start, our mission at Son of Egg has been clear—to serve the community food prepared with care and love, just as a mother would for her child, every single day. We envisioned our restaurant as a comforting space, a haven from the chaos of the world. This vision is reflected in our soothing gray and yellow decor, coincidentally the Pantone colors of the year. Customers would come to pick up their food, seeking the human social interaction that was limited during the lockdowns.


Our growth has been organic, nurtured by the unwavering love and support of our patrons. Every day, we strive to uphold the trust they place in us, serving dishes like Crispy Chicken Sandwiches and Bulgogi-Kimchi Rice Bowls that represent a harmonious blend of cultures and traditions.


While keeping our menu simple yet versatile, Son of Egg embodies the spirit of classic diners. We serve the heartwarming flavors of a mother’s kitchen with a modern twist. Though we haven’t expanded our menu with countless options, we have always prioritized quality and taste, remaining true to our core values.


Son of Egg rarely advertises; our customers are our greatest ambassadors. They are the ones who share their experiences, bringing their friends and family to taste the love we pour into our food. It is their stories, memories, and satisfaction that have made Son of Egg a beloved fixture in our community.


Son of Egg emerged during an unprecedented time in history, carving a niche for itself in the culinary landscape. As the world continues to evolve, we stay rooted in our values and commitment to serving heartwarming food swiftly and affordably. Regardless of the year, this formula for success remains timeless, ensuring that Son of Egg will continue to hold a special place in the hearts, minds, and palates of our community for years to come.

Serving the Gift of Good Food.